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Year of the Rooster Toy with Oya Embroidery

$ 70.00
The rooster is a symbol of rural communities, but it is also the poster child for 2017, the Year of the Rooster in the Lunar Calendar. It is created from multiple styles of fabric and then embellished with traditional embroidery called Oya or decorative ‘Turkish Lace,’ made using a technique that has been utilized in various regions of Turkey since the 16th Century and is believed to have its origins in 8th Century B.C. Anatolia. One can traditionally find Oya on a variety of items and they can often serve as a symbol of nonverbal communication in village society.
Soma Artisans sources all of its materials, such as cotton, or silk fabric and threads, needles or hooks from within Turkey. Artists hand-weave silk or cotton thread with a crochet needle making beautiful edgings that differ from other types of lace because they are created with only one needle and a single strand of thread.  Each stitch is knotted but looped as well. A flower motif emerges with elements such as petals, leaves, stems and stamens that can be impressively enhanced by stuffing and stiffening materials giving a striking three-dimensional appearance.    

Dimensions:  Approximately 15" long by 8" wide and 10" tall.

Please note this is original, handmade folk art, so there might be slight variations materials or appearance.  

“For the first time, our community witnessed that our traditional work can be an income generation tool and that women can contribute to the family and local economy.” 

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