International Folk Art Makes a Thoughtful Gift!
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Wide Neck Basket - Large

$ 105.00

Using naturally dyed sweet grasses, sisal, papyrus and bamboo these traditional peace basket are essential to daily life for the people of Rwanda. This time honored art form is used for everything from wedding gifts to child naming ceremonies, the baskets are even featured on the national currency. 

These stunning and intricate baskets would be a proud addition to any home or can be given as a meaningful gift to someone special in your life.

Basket measures approximately 10 inches wide and 16 inches high.

 "Our folk art expresses the appreciation and preservation  of traditional Rwandan art passed on from one generation to the other. It's also important because the women of Rwanda are using the work as a means to earn a living for their families." - Janet Nkubana, Gahaya Links

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