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Classic Ikat Zipper Bag - Small

$ 20.00

This striking handbag is handmade by Rasuljon and the artists of the Crafts Development Center in Uzbekistan. The traditional ikat design has been a part of ceremonial Uzbek dress for centuries, the modern interpretation of the ikat design makes for a unique handbag that will add a pop of interest to any outfit.  

Each fabric is the result of a 37-step process that takes a month to create. The bags are made of 50% silk and 50% cotton and are dyed with natural dyes using the traditional ikat method. Rasuljon and the other master weavers draw the designs on the threads and then dye them using a tie-resist dyeing method. Each color change requires removing the ties and rewrapping other sections of the yarn. After dyeing, the master weavers transfer the warp threads to a floor loom where they are handwoven into a beautiful fabric. The fabric is then cut and sewn to make the bags, and the zippered closure is added. Slight imperfections, such as noticeable silk slubs and minor color variations, are inherent in this handwoven piece and add to its charm.

Measures approximately 4" x 6".

"I give my soul to the work."-- Rasuljon Mirzaahmedov of Crafts Development Center, Uzbekistan 

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