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Tube Necklace - Red

$ 50.00

This stunning necklace strand was created by the women of the Maji Moto Women's Project in Narok, Kenya. In Maasai culture bead work is done solely by the women, and the women of the Maji Moto village are working hard to preserve this centuries old tradition. 

The addition of the silver rompoi adds a beautiful jingling sound which gives the wearer joy as well as protection as The sound alerts the surrounding wild animals that a warrior is near. 

Tube Necklace measures approximately 35 inches long.

  "I hope people will enjoy the sight and sound of the jewelry as they wear it, and feel the connection to the women who made it with their heart and hands in the Maji Moto village." - Meeri Tuya, of Maji Moto Women's Project, Kenya

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