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Natural Silk Wrap Shawl Charcoal

$ 315.00

The SAHALANDY Natural Silk Wrap is excellent for keeping you warm on a cold evening while adding style to your wardrobe. It can also be used as a decorative throw, adding style and elegance to you couch. Handmade out of specially prepared thick raw silk in Madagascar by members of the cooperative, it comes in a fashionable solid black or cream.

The process for making this wrap begins with collecting the wild silk cocoons, which are cleaned and boiled to release the silk bundles. The women spin this raw silk into thread using a traditional drop spindle, and dye them with the rich colors of natural dyes. Once the silk thread is dyed, the women weave the wrap on a floor loom, watching it take shape over time. A single wrap takes up to a month to produce and passes through the hands of ten artists during its creation.

Slight imperfections and color variations are inherent in this handwoven piece and add to its charm.

Measures 30 inches by 91 inches

"Sahalandy’s work has completely changed everything for us and for our families." -Rado Ambinintsoa of Sahalandy, Madagascar

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