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Pysanka Chicken Egg Ornament with ribbon

$ 22.00

Pysankas are traditional Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs. With the addition of a ribbon, the Pysankas are transformed to become beautiful ornaments. Each Pysanka is handmade by Anna and her fellow artists using the batik technique of wax-resist dyeing. She heats a beeswax-filled stylus over a candle flame and while using a writing motion applies the molten wax to the egg over the designs that are to remain white. Next, she begins to dye the egg, always going from the lightest color to the darkest. After each color she applies more wax to the egg before dyeing it the next color. Finally she holds the egg next to a flame to melt the wax, revealing the beautiful design.

Pysankas sold individually.

"I wish for the pysanka to be a part of every dwelling."- Anna Nepyivoda, Ukraine

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