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Light Blue Pysanka Chicken Egg Ornament with ribbon

$ 18.00

Pysankas are traditional Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs. With the addition of the ribbon, the Pysankas are transformed to become beautiful ornaments. These single colored ornaments are a modern version of the Pysanka. Each Pysanka is handmade by Anna and her fellow artists using the batik technique of wax-resist dyeing. She heats a beeswax-filled stylus over a candle flame and while using a writing motion applies the molten wax to the egg over the designs that are to remain white. After dyeing the egg she holds it next to a flame to melt the wax, revealing the beautiful design.

Available in red, maroon, dark blue, sky blue, lavender, and green.

Pysankas sold individually.

"I wish for the pysanka to be a part of every dwelling."- Anna Nepyivoda, Ukraine

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