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Laddu Bandhani Scarf

$ 75.00

Fond memories of the richness of eating sweets on a warm day in an Indian marketplace come to mind with this gorgeous handmade scarf with purple silk, gold foil and running stitches made by Sidr Craft of India.  Using the bandhani technique, its deep violet coloring and gentle quilting will envelop you with sheer simple luxury and can easily go from day to night.

The bandhani tradition is a method of tying and dyeing fabric practiced in the Kutch region of India by the Khatri community. As this tradition flourishes, the Khatri name has become synonymous with “one who dyes fabric.” The process begins with an artist hand drawing a design on a stencil and perforating it with holes to create the scarf’s pattern. The stencil is then transferred to silk fabric using an indigo solution. Using this guide, artists pinch and tightly tie the fabric with thread, creating a design with intricate knots. Next, the artists dye the fabric, sometimes in multiple immersions, using varying colors. To finish the piece, they remove the threads, revealing differing colors and patterns, and then hem the seams to complete a uniquely textured, silk scarf.

Dimensions: (due to textural variations caused by the bandhani process, measurements may vary) Measures approximately 75" x 16".

Care: Dry clean only. Do not iron. If the fabric is washed or ironed, the unique, three-dimensional quality of the scarf will be lost, though the beautiful design and color will remain.

Our art connects our community." - Abduljabbar Khatri of Sidr Craft, India 


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