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Petroglyph Double-Sided Gray Ornamental Shawl

$ 140.00

The intricacy of the patterning of this two-tone gray double-sided shall from 7 sisters is very reminiscent of mystical petroglyphs that can be found in caves. The contrast of the design against the background color gives this accessory an iridescent quality.

Meticulously made through the traditional technique “Ala-kiyiz,” the artists combine delicate, airy silk with two layers of felted Kyrgyz wool. Once the design is patterned the felted wool is cut and layered onto the silk. It is then rolled and immersed in soapy water to adhere to the silk. Finally, it is dyed to give it its color.

Dimensions: Approximately 74" x 24"

Care: Dry clean only

"People buying our products carry with them a part of our culture and the warmth of our hands, love and blessings." - Farzana Sharshembieva of 7 Sisters, Kyrgyzstan


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