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Eye to the Soul Turquoise and Silver Tuareg Pendant and Necklace

$ 500.00

This striking necklace is hand crafted in  Niger by Elhadji and the Koumama family collective of artists. They use ancient techniques that begin with melting pure 99.9% silver over charcoal fires to form the individual beads. The stunning turquoise and silver pendant is complemented by a matching turquoise and silver necklace. The eyehole in the pendant gives it a mystical feel.  Free-hand engraved symbols are added to the pendant with only simple tools like the file and screw driver. The Necklace is topped off with a strong comfortable silver hook clasp.

Dimensions: Necklace measures approximately 12.5 inches long and the pendant is 3 inches in diameter.  

“Each piece of Tuareg jewelry helps provide the artisans with the blessings of food and culture and the wearer of the jewelry a sense of beauty and pride.” 
- Elhadji Koumama of Tuareg Jewelry, Niger

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