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Epatek Bangle with etched swirls pattern

$ 15.00

These bracelets, made from recycled PVC, are handmade by the Ovahimba people from the Kunene region of Namibia. The Ovahimba people are known for the love of jewelry and the creation of the PVC bracelet was born out of this tradition combined a creative way to recycle as building development increased in this remote region. The artists start by cutting the PVC piping into the shape of the bracelet and then they etch the design into the plastic. Then they add a patina or natural dye to color their designs. Finally they heat the PVC to shape it into the bracelet.

These bracelets are beautiful stacked or worn individually. They are durable yet elegant. Bracelets sold separately. Measure 3 cm wide.

"Ostrich eggshell beads are the most important source of income in our communities." -Tashia Shalumbu of Omba Arts Trust, Namibia

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