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Cactus Bowl

$ 65.00

Cacti found not just in the Southwestern region of the United States but also in Josnel’s native Haiti inspired this decorative cactus bowl. Hand crafted out of recycled oil drums by Josnel and his studio artisan this is uniquely Haitian folk art. Recycled oil drums are first burned off to remove paint and other byproducts from previous use. Then Josnel cuts the intricate pattern inspired by the nature that surrounds him out of a flattened oil drum. Next he shapes the flat pattern into this square bowl using a hammer to achieve texture and additional design details. In the last step, the bowl is sanded, varnished, brushed, and varnished again to achieve the desired patina. This simple pattern also creates amazing shadows on surrounding walls when a candle is burned inside.

Measures 12 inches length, 12.5 inches width, 5.5 inches deep

"I hope every customer knows that each piece they buy contributes to renewing hope in a community in Haiti."- Josnel Bruno, Haiti

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