Roberto Gil Esteban

“My principal inspiration is to reflect hope and happiness in my work. I want people around the world to be able to see the joy and happiness of life in Cuba.”        

Roberto explains, “I decided to dedicate my life to folk art because I perceive that is the way to represent my feelings, laugh about life problems in order to solve them in a more light-hearted way.”

Inspired by his personal history, living in the heart of Cuba surrounded by fields of sugar cane and the simplicity of farmer’s lives, Roberto Esteban’s paintings mirror more than its colors and textures.  Roberto believes in possibilities, using his art to express an underlying sense of hope and happiness; transcending the limits of words.

Roberto learned to paint over 20 years ago from various workshops and from other artists. He uses a variety of materials to create his whimsical work including, acrylics, pencils, engraving tools, linoleum and printing paper. The variety of mediums helps to create the rich and lively scenes presented. One of his greatest tools is spontaneity, he elaborates, “My ideas come to me the exact moment I begin to paint.”

Roberto paints to capture the vibrant life that surrounds him in Cuba. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the tropics, Roberto’s paintings are filled with lush fields of sugar cane, sunflowers, mischievous livestock, and the charismatic people of Cuba. His paintings help to capture daily life and act as a visual history for his community. With each piece, Roberto is telling his story, and hopes to share the happiness and vibrant life with those outside of Cuba.

“My family has benefited from the result of selling my art. It pays for electricity, food and medicine. My neighbors are happy when I receive visitors to see my work,” explains Roberto.


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