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Joyas Cachi

"My art inspires me to keep the tradition of my ancestors alive, while helping make my culture known throughout the world through my art."    

"My art inspires me to keep the tradition of my ancestors alive, while helping make my culture known throughout the world through my art,” Sonia explains.

Sonia and her family have designed and created jewelry inspired by the cultures embedded in her native Peru for 45 years. She describes her work with silver, stones, glass, and hand painting as a melding of styles: Incan mystic, Spanish Baroque, and international modern.

With stores in Lima and Cusco, Joyas Cachi employs 22 artisans in her family’s workshop. Sales of her products provide her family members and employees with job security, but her work represents more than just income: she is committed to educating her community not just in jewelry-making, but also in the deeply-rooted histories and complex aesthetics she incorporates.

Sonia and Hilda are two of seven sisters, and all inherited a love of art from their father. “Now 81, he continues to inspire us to keep creating,” Hilda says. “I was born with art.” As a child growing up in Cusco, she learned to weigh and cut silver, to sand stone and fire clay, from her father.

From Peru and throughout Latin America, Joyas Cachi obtains high-quality silver as well as natural stones like turquoise, opal, amazonite, and quartz. The jewelry sometimes showcases seeds or marine needles and shells, and so each piece is not only handcrafted and distinctive, but wholly organic.

From designing the piece to shaping and molding silver and clay, from planing the stone to polishing the finished jewel, Joyas Cachi is devoted to the fusion of tradition and modernity. “My art is designed for everyday people of all ages, to highlight anyone’s beauty,” Hilda says.

The best part of the job is presenting the finished piece to its wearer. “It is my hope,” Sonia explains, “that I engage in a friendly way with each customer, and that word of mouth brings my art everywhere.”

The sisters feel lucky to be selected to participate in the training program IFAM | Online.  Hilda enjoy that fact that the training is delivered through a practical model and that they, “are able to train while providing income for my group.  This program allows me to grow as a craftsman and opens new business opportunities while helping people throughout the world to know my culture through my art,” Hilda explains.

Meanwhile, she admits: “I love my job. I dedicate myself to it 24 hours a day.”


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