“What makes KOKKU so special, apart from being exquisite, is that it represents life's sacred blessings; paying homage to the most precious moments in a person's life.” 

“Filigree is the perfect expression of Sardinian culture. Sardinians are proud, reserved, and loyal. Our jewelry is proud-made with a strong attention to detail with high quality materials, reserved-slightly discrete and settled and loyal-inspired by tradition and made using the traditional methods passed from one generation to the next,” asserts Andrea Usai the founder of KOKKU.

Andrea grew up surrounded by the art of filigree spending much of his childhood in his uncle’s workshop.  When he started to see other artists give up on the art of filigree to pursue more lucrative careers, he decided to dedicate his life to resurrecting the art. 

He explains, “Only then, I felt a strong need to do something about it to keep the art alive, help my uncle stay in business and make sure that I could absorb the filigree skills from my uncle to pass them to future generations as it has been done in Sardinia for centuries.”

These delicate works, are made using the highest quality of silver and gold and can take anywhere from two days to several weeks to complete. The heart of these pieces starts with the filigree thread.

Andrea describes, “The process to create one of our pieces starts by making the filigree thread. This is obtained by intertwining two threads of gold or silver between two simple pieces of timber.  This thread of filigree is the basis to create all our pieces. The process of making the filigree thread can take up to a whole working day.”

Once the filigree is ready, all of the other handcrafted elements are brought together to painstakingly finish the piece.  Filigree jewelry traditionally represented the Sardinian family and their place in society. Today, however, the jewelry represents the Sardinian culture as a whole. Pieces are often passed down from mother to daughter and given as an expression of love to one another.

Andrea’s long term goal is to open a filigree school in Sardinia to preserve this stunning jewelry’s legacy and to further protect this art from extinction. Enlisting the help of the youth in and around Sardinia is the best way to preserve this proud tradition.

“What makes KOKKU jewelry so special, apart from being exquisite, is that it represents life’s sacred blessings; paying homage to the most precious moments in a person’s life. Just like the brand, the jewelry is unforgettable and unique."


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