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The International Folk Art Market | Online, a program of the International Folk Art Alliance (IFAA), is a unique program supporting a sustainable future for folk artists. This hands-on training program for veteran IFAA artists interested in entering the global wholesale and export marketplace, provides them with an opportunity to sell through our exclusive online shop, and empowers artists to earn year-round income.

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31 Artist Groups: 14 Community Enterprises, 9 Cooperatives, 4 Family Businesses, 4 Individual Artists.

26 Countries: Cambodia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Ghana, Haiti, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, Tibet/China, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Total Number of Artists Represented: 9,991 of which over 93% are women.


This unique program for IFAA artists uses an online classroom and customized curriculum to provide the training necessary for them to enter the global wholesale and export marketplace. The interactive process prepares them by providing training on pricing, developing a catalog for buyers, and customer relations. Artists also learn how to handle complex and detailed regulations for international shipping and customs.

As part of this hands-on training, the artists immediately apply their knowledge by fulfilling wholesale orders—for the IFAM | Online store! Our virtual Market features one-of-a-kind and exclusive collections from these master folk artists who are now equipped with the tools they need to connect with the global marketplace for year- round income.


As both their customer and advocate, the International Folk Art Alliance works with IFAA artists to create collections and production schedules that will meet the needs of buyers across the world. Whether it’s how to anticipate the constraints of an agricultural growing cycle in relation to their raw materials or how to label goods for export, we work with each artist to ensure their success.

At IFAA, we know from experience how to help folk artists overcome the barriers they face—limited resources, geography, political instability, and other challenges. We have helped hundreds of artists collectively earn millions by making an incredible journey to Santa Fe for our annual International Folk Art Market in July. Now with IFAM | Online we are empowering artists to earn vital income year-round.

These artists are masters of their centuries-old traditions, but are new to the international business arena that demands digital communication. Our curriculum provides a path specifically designed to help folk artists navigate this complex and often daunting system. The global marketplace is not an easy world to enter, especially from remote villages, but with this program, a door is opened.


  • To host a unique online store that provides year-round sales to help sustain folk artists around the world.
  • To serve as a learning lab designed to help artists build the skills necessary to explore the export marketplace with confidence.
  • To focus on training modules most appropriate for artists learning how to best succeed in the export marketplace.
  • To invest in the artists and their growth, and create a skill building environment.
  • To provide a unique and new opportunity to support IFAA artists year-round through purchasing their work.

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“I am learning how to use technology to increase my orders, to grow as an entrepreneur, and increase my knowledge to become the best of the best. Because we are involved, many people in our community, especially women, are able to lead a dignified life by earning an income through our art, which is the only source of work for many of us.”

- Patricia Parra, 
La Mega Cooperativa Artesanal de Los Saraguros | Ecuador

Photos by Jane Bernard, Bob Smith, David Evans, Kelly Waller, Marc Romanelli and Courtesy of the artist

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