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Wedded Bliss Collection

Crimson Ingal Earrings

$ 100.00

The traditional Tuareg silversmiths of the Koumama family collective from Agadez Niger craft beautiful jewelry like these Ingal earrings. To begin, pure 99.9% silver is melted, its malleable form and brilliant sheen are unmistakable as Tuareg. Hand tools like the screwdriver and file are used to add intricate patterns on the surface. In these Ingal earrings the triangle is a prominent feature, a traditional symbol in Niger representing good luck. Colorful glass is cut in the same triangular form and set into the finished earrings.

Available in Crimson and Deep Blue 

“Each piece of Tuareg jewelry helps provide the artisans with the blessings of food and culture and the wearer of the jewelry a sense of beauty and pride.” 
- Elhadji Koumama of Tuareg Jewelry, Niger

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