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Musical Instruments

Sa Re Ga Ma Chime

$ 52.00

The Sa Re Ga Ma Chime features five desert bells. The name is derived from the first few notes of the classic octave in Indian classical music. The bells range in size from large to small, producing a beautiful harmony of tones.

These bells are created using ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, originating from the Kutchchi desert region of western India.

Each bell is first beaten into shape by hand, then buried under the hot desert sand in a kiln. This age-old technique of metal-work and hand toning is what gives each piece its unique patina and tone. Bells and chimes were originally used as a means of identifying herds of cattle. Today, the artists of Indika want share the sounds of their bells with the world.


“I hope my art will bring peace, calm and beauty to the people who buy it.”  -Kailish Kanwar of Indika, India

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