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Coconut Button Bag - Green

$ 50.00
The whimsical Coconut Button Bag is a perfect blend or traditional silk weaving and modern fashion. The process of weaving silk cloth can take up to 3 months.  The women start by harvesting the silk, before washing and drying it.  Then they spin the silk into threads, and dye it. Next they string the loom creating the patterns in the warp. Finally they weave in the weft.  The end result is a stunning elegant work of art.

Bag Measures approximately 8 inches across and four inches deep.

"The quality and beauty of our products alone make customers honored to own them, but it is the story of courage of all the women who have worked very hard to earn their freedom and independence that make our products truly special."
-Chnatha Nguon, Mekong Blue

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