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The penguin is an inspiring animal for its ability to survive in such a challenging geographic environment and the carefree nature with which it swims about. It’s a reminder to find the joy and balance in life no matter what it presents. 

These wonderful creatures are brought to life using copper and telephone wire as well as black and white glass beads. Using only pliers, wire cutters and scissors the wire is manipulated to create the form, and then the artisan adds the beads to complete the work.  

Many artists in the village grew up learning this technique from grandparents. Today it provides many mothers a way of generating income and they are able to pass on this tradition to future generations.  

This item measures approximately 5” tall x 5” (wingtip to wingtip) x 3” wide.

Please note that this is original handmade folk art and there might be slight variations in colors and materials used than the item pictured.

"We hope that beyond owning a piece of artwork, people will remember the story of the people who created it.”   Lulama Sihlabeni of eKhaya eKasi Art and Education Centre, South Africa




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