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7 Ways To Wear Your 7 Sisters Scarf

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We’re gearing up for the colder months with some fresh new ways to wear your favorite scarves, shawls, and wraps. Here we are featuring our newest 7 Sisters Scarves, just in from Kyrgyzstan.  

Get ready to bundle up in style!

The Classic Wrap 


Take your One Sided Bordeaux Shawl, wrap it around your shoulders and simply loop once to stay in place. A simple yet elegant way to dress up any outfit.


 The DIY infinity


Tie a small semi loose knot at the ends of your Sage Aitoklun Scarf to double up the fabric creating an instant infinity scarf, a great, modern twist for a traditional scarf.


 The Bunny Ear


Loop your Black Tiad scarf around your neck twice, pull one end through the loop and tie with the other end, creating your “Bunny Ears”.

 The European Loop


Double up your One Sided Violet scarf, pulling the ends through the loop you created for your chic go-to fall scarf style.

 The Braid


Starting in a similar way to the European Loop, double up your Slanted Grey scarf and pull the ends through your loop. Twist the loop and pull the ends through to create this unique braided look.

 The Knot


Take your Rust Aitoklun scarf, draping the scarf around your neck and letting the two ends hang. Take one end and create a loose knot, pulling through the free end. The end result looks like a men’s tie.

 The Boa


Take your Winter White Tiad Scarf and loop it around your neck, continue looping the ends of the scarf around itself creating a twisted pattern. Not only will this style keep your neck warm, but it’s perfect for showing off the intricate patterns of your 7 sister’s scarf!

Be sure to look at 7 Sister's Collection page to see all their styles. 

Also try these new techniques out on scarves from some of other other collections.  Shop our Scarves, Shawls, and Warps Collection to spice up your fall wardrobe. 

Looking for a video tutorial with even more fabulous and unique ways to wear your favorite scarves? Check out Wendy’s Lookbook on youtube:

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